Monday, October 10, 2011

DART - Google's new Structured Web Programming Language

Google officially released the Dart, a structured web programming language to make ease of JavaScript hindrances and much more. For more.. see the link dart.

Happy Coding.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

AWS - CloudFormer

Amazon Web Services has quietly announced a nifty tool CloudFormer. This tool, actually see as a web console which needs to be deployed as one of the instance in your AWS account. This web console helps to create CloudFormation stack from the existing resources. It is very useful when want to spin your instances. The one simplicity with this tool over ops tools like Head,Chef, is it can be installed in your Amazon instance.

Below are the new features by using CloudFormer

  • Add Parameters to enable stacks to be customized at launch time.
  • Add Mappings to allow the template to be customized to the specific environment.
  • Replace static values with "Ref" and "Fn::GetAtt" functions to flow property data between resources where the value of one property is dependent on the value of a property from a different resource.
  • Fill in your Amazon EC2 instance userdata to pass parameters to your EC2 instances at instance launch time.
  • Customize your Amazon RDS DB instance database names and master passwords.
  • Customize or add more Outputs to list important information needed by the stack user.

1. Execute the CloudFormer JSON Script
2. EC2 Instances>>RightClick on AWS-CloudFormerInstance>> copy the public DNS
3. Paste the public DNS into the browerser and you see the screen shot.

4. Click Click to move forward.

Flash: CloudFormer 0.9 is available. You need to delete the CloudFormation Stack and execute the JSON Script again for 0.9 version.